Neurotoxicity and Exercise

Neurotoxicity causes weight gain, low energy, and hormonal fluctuations by altering your metabolic control center, the hypothalamus.  Heavy metal toxicity from vaccines, amalgam fillings, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical residues as well as biotoxins such as household molds are all dangerous neurotoxins.  We are continually being exposed to toxic man-made chemicals from every-day items such as newspapers, magazines, pillows, carpeting, mattresses, clothing, cosmetics, toothpaste, and processed foods. These toxic chemicals are responsible for many of our 20th century diseases and the new “syndromes” that leave doctors without answers. Fatigue, headaches, digestive issues, “flu-like” symptoms, and aching joints can all be caused by environmental chemicals. High blood pressure and some fatal cardiac arrhythmias can be caused by chemicals like solvents and pesticides. People who wake up feeling tired and sluggish are unaware that the cause is most likely the polyester chemicals being emitted from their own pillow.

An excellent form of detoxification exercise is rebounding or “trampolining.” Rebounding is also known as cellular exercise. Every cell in the body is simultaneously stimulated and strengthened while you jump on the rebounder. This unique form of exercise dramatically increases the movement of the lymph system. It increases oxygen to the cells, releases tension and stress, stimulates every cell toward elimination of toxins along with increasing the strength and vitality of every cell in the body.

We live in a soup bowl of toxicity that we will never completely escape. However, we can exercise to produce natural toxin elimination. Exercise, your natural vitamin E, is one of the best ways to sweat the toxins out of your body. So, get moving.  You’re in the race for life.  Go for the gold!

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