Bread is Worse Than You Think

breadIf you’ve considered my healing food diet, you may already know that bread, while seemingly innocent and marketed as healthy, is worse than you think!
For starters, bread is likely one of the saltiest foods in your pantry. Data from the CDC shows that a single slice of bread contains around 100 to 200 mg of sodium. In comparison, an ounce of potato chips only has about 120 mg of sodium in comparison.

Eating bread can limit your weight loss efforts

If you want to lose any amount of weight, removing bread and pasta from your diet can be a huge boost to your success. Bread, like pasta, is largely made up of processed grains and/or white flour. The problem with this set of ingredients is that there is little, if any nutritional value, or even fiber present.
Breads will quickly exceed your daily sodium amounts, and can prevent you from getting the potassium you need. Potassium can be found in fruits, vegetables and cultured whey– food that most of us rarely eat enough of.

Why is Sodium and Potassium so important?

Sodium is essential for hydration because it pumps water and nutrients into your cells. Potassium functions by pumping waste products out of the cells.

sodium-potassiumA major reason so many Americans are unable to function at full health is the over consumption of Sodium and the under consumption of Potassium. Your body needs approximately 500mg of Sodium per day, but many American’s consume upwards of 5,000mg per day—10x more than needed!

Conversely, Americans should be consuming 4,700mg of Potassium, but fall short consuming approximately 1/10th the Potassium necessary for optimal health. This potassium-sodium imbalance is actually believed to be a major factor that contributes to hypertension, as well as other heart problems.
Potassium is in a class known as electrolytes

When dissolved in water, electrolytes conduct the electricity needed by our muscles and nerves to function. Another function of potassium is to assist the storage of carbohydrates in the muscles. Carbohydrates are needed for endurance, and also play a role in the body’s blood pressure regulation, as well as fluid balance. When the body lacks potassium, not only are the muscles and nerves compromised, but the heart may even have trouble maintaining a normal rhythm.
If you follow what I call the SAD Diet (Standard American Diet) there’s a good chance you may also suffer from the potassium-sodium imbalance. The good news is this imbalance is not permanent. There are ways to correct it.
How to Correct the Imbalance of Sodium and Potassium

Here’s a few things you can do:

Remove all breads and pasta from your diet. I can’t stress this enough!
Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, today! It’s simple. It works.
Consider starting a cleanse. I recommend doing a juice cleanse, the RAW Cleanse, or my Suero Cleanse. Pick the one that’s right for you and get started!

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